Dad was an Artificial Intelligence Programmer when his son’s school was put in lockdown, because of an active shooter… He was lucky enough for his son to come home, but some parents in the school district weren’t as fortunate. From that point onward he decided to dedicate his expertise to protecting children worldwide and that’s how Magellan Alert was born.

The Magellan Alert team is comprised of dedicated experts in cyber-security, geolocation, programming, and artificial intelligence (many of them parents or grandparents). With offices in Washington D.C. & Singapore (and customers around the world) Magellan offers 24/7 support and tracking solutions for concerned parents on four different continents.

Pioneering Child Intelligence Solutions
Offering a comprehensive suite of data collection tools, Magellan Alert is dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art intelligence tools that empower you to protect your children over various digital domains. From wearables to mobile apps the Magellan Alert team is the first company entirely focused on making sure parents like you have total peace of mind.

Building The Community
The Magellan Alert team remembers a time when neighbors used to talk to each other. Sharing when someone suspicious looking passed through the neighborhood or knocked on a door or two. And the company is dedicated to building a global community of concerned citizens.

Buying a Magellan Alert product doesn’t make you a customer, it makes you part of a global family.

Please feel free to explore our website or contact us directly if you have any questions.