As you’re probably aware, Hurricane Irma was forecast to be the largest Atlantic hurricane in US History. As soon as the Magellan Alert team saw that we decided to implement our own contingency plans, to guarantee that we’re fully operational during the hurricane’s landfall.

In-case you didn’t know, Magellan Alert is based in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida, so we needed to guarantee that everybody depending on us can rely on our systems to remain fully operational. So we did the most logical things possible:

We packed up and moved the team to Washington, D.C.

We’re actually across the highway from Equifax (don’t worry, unlike Equifax, our data is secured in a data center in the midwest).

With customers all around the world¬†depending on us, we know it’s necessary for our systems to remain fully operational and we’re proud to say that we’ve seen ZERO downtime. Even though our offices lost power around 1400h EST on September 10, 2017, we were already three days into our Washington D.C. operations.

We’ll be operating, with our secure systems, from the Washington D.C. metro indefinitely.

Thank you for being a Magellan customer.

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