Florida – As third most populous, The Sunshine State has many things for Florida to be proud of, from Disney World to South Beach, but one of the lesser known things is: Being a home to some of the safest cities in the entire USA.

With a population approaching 21 million people Florida is a massive state, with MANY more options to live in than Miami, Tampa, or Orlando (btw, none of these made our list). And as any Floridian would tell you, the farther south you go, the farther in the North you’ll end up. 😉

To give you a better idea of where you might want to explore, we’ve compiled and analyzed massive amounts of data to give you a definitive list of The 50 Safest Cities In Florida.

How Magellan Alert Creates Its Rankings:

Here at Magellan, we created our ranking system using hundreds of data points and various data sources. We heavily relied on the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program and several internal ranking systems. We then had to ask ourselves some important questions, including:

  • What’s the perfect city size to qualify for our list?
  • Which crimes are important when it comes to personal safety?
  • Is this city having an anomalous year?*

*Parkland, Florida suffered from one of the worst school shootings in American history, we’re excluding this data from our rankings as it’s truly a one-in-billion event for the city.

We then looked through all of the cities in the entire state and decided to round out the population cutoff at 3,000 residents.

When choosing crimes to count we actually spent quite a bit of time creating what we’ve internally dubbed the “Magellan Crime Index”. The MCI is a weighted average of violent crime & property crime/population, from which we were able to eventually create one round number that we call: The Magellan Crime Average.

The entire State of Florida has a Magellan Crime Average of 1,753 crimes per 100,000 residents.

Here are The 50 Safest Cities In Florida For 2018:
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1. Indian River Shores, Florida

Population: 4,209
Crimes Per 100,000 Residents: 154

2. Weston, Florida

Population: 70,882
Crimes Per 100,000 Residents: 267

3. Marco Island, Florida

Population: 17,947
Crimes Per 100,000 Residents: 267

4. Parkland, Florida*

Population: 31,571
Crimes Per 100,000 Residents: 298

*Parkland, Florida suffered from one of the worst school shootings in American history, we’re excluding this data as it’s not indicative of the city’s criminal element.

5. Bay Harbor Islands, Florida

Population: 6,117
Crimes Per 100,000 Residents: 327

6. Longboat Key, Florida

Population: 7,343
Crimes Per 100,000 Residents: 354

7. Midway, Florida

Population: 3,325
Crimes Per 100,000 Residents: 406

8. Highland Beach, Florida

Population: 3,767
Crimes Per 100,000 Residents: 478

9. Melbourne Beach, Florida

Population: 3,243
Crimes Per 100,000 Residents: 509

10. Indian Shores, Florida

Population: 3,702
Crimes Per 100,000 Residents: 527

Those are the top ten safest cities in all of Florida, according to our data, for the remaining of the 50 Safest Cities In Florida 2018 please click to Page 2.

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