How Magellan Alert Works

Global Position Systems

Magellan Alert uses next generation GPS to provide location services information for all users, with extreme accuracy, within 15 feet. This allows accurate tracking & geofencing.

Artificial Intelligence

Magellan Alert uses machine learning to understand your child’s travel habits. If we see something is different we’ll alert you through a phone notification.

Our Real-Time Database

Consider Magellan Alert your personal neighborhood watch. We’re constantly on the lookout for upticks in crime, sex offenders nearby, and real-time disasters.

What Customers Are Saying

The watch is very attractive and it’s not too bulky on my child’s wrist. He can use it as a regular watch and it becomes a communication device between us. I am less paranoid knowing that he is wearing this device.

Jackie R. / Phoenix, AZ

My girls (ages 3 & 4 1/2) LOVE their watches. My husband and I both have Apple Watches so my girls were thrilled to be able to have their OWN smartwatches.

Andrew G. / Park City, UT

A little time required to set up, but works well and seems to be accurate to within 50 feet. This is what a concerned parent needs. 

Morgan S. / Schaumburg, IL

This is a fantastic the price. It arrives in a robust cute display box and made a nice gift. Effectively the watch acts as a tracker so that if your child gets lost or wanders off, you know where they are.

Gwen D. / Naples, FL

This watch was a gift for my God Son’s 4th birthday and he loves it! Seems quite durable for a 4 year old too!

Shirley M. / Kalamazoo, MI

I am really impressed by all the functions of this watch for the low price. My child wanted a $120 smart watch and got this instead. 

Joe W. / Poughkeepsie, NY

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